About Us


Glow Therapy was founded by two young teachers with a common dream of becoming entrepreneurs. Glow Therapy was initially an idea to generate more income, but has transformed into a company that intends on uplifting its customers and those around them.


Our ultimate brand goal is to promote positive mental wellness. We want our company to be seen not as just a business, but a movement. As our team grows to become the best version of ourselves, we hope the products that we offer will inspire you to do the same. 


We provide a variety of scented home goods and accessories. Our products are intended to uplift the well being of our customers.

Our candles are currently made with 100% soy wax. Our wax will create a strong smelling candle while still including a natural biodegradable resource. When properly taking care of your candle, the ingredients used will create a sensational experience. For more information on how to care for your candle please see our product care page.